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Colwyn Fireplace Centre Home Visit Terms & Conditions and Payment Terms

The Home Visit only includes a visual inspection of the area where the proposed installation is to take place. Under no circumstances should the Home Visit be construed as a Gas Safe, Multi-fuel APHC or structural survey. The visit is only intended to establish an estimated cost for any proposed installation work that may be carried out and to advise on the suitability of the product or products to be purchased from Colwyn Fireplace Centre. If a smoke test is carried out it is only intended to indicate if the flue is free from any blockages and will also indicate if any remedial work may be necessary to the stack, pot or general area. The smoke test does not guarantee that either a gas or multi-fuel product will operate both safely and efficiently without the need for the flue to be lined or that remedial work may be required to the flue or surrounding area.

Only a fully qualified engineer could make the final recommendations.

With regards to gas fires and stoves please be aware

On occasions a gas fire or stove will fail emissions checks carried out by a qualified engineer. This emissions check can only be carried out once the fire has been installed and working for several minutes. This failure will not be attributed to either the appliance or the installer but almost certainly due to a failure of the Flue. Unfortunately, if this should happen we have to point out that it is unlikely that our company could offer any refunds on either the appliance or the installation. Manufacturers will not accept products being returned if they have been unpacked and an attempt has been made to install. Our office will advise on the best course of action.

Both this Home Visit and signed contract show estimated installation charges. If for any reason additional work is required that couldn’t be reasonably foreseen by the home visitor e.g. building/plastering/structural, compliance with manufacturer’s recommendations. Following consultation with our Head Office, you will be advised of the cost of any additional work to include all additional labour and materials. You will be offered two payment options-: 1. Agree to pay the engineer on site the full amount. 2. We will take the amount from your debit/credit card with your permission.

Please be aware that Colwyn Fireplace Centre does not directly employ any engineers. Any engineers that are used will be fully qualified. Please ensure that you request, from the engineer, proof of identity and retain a business card to enable you to contact them regarding any issues you may have with the work they carry out. Products supplied by Colwyn Fireplace Centre generally carry a manufacturers warranty, however, we do not offer any warranty on installation work. For any future issues that you may have regarding installation work, that doesn’t form part of the contract, please contact your installer direct and not Colwyn Fireplace Centre.

Payment Terms

a) For contracts under £500. 00. full payment is required prior to ordering.

b) For all other contracts a deposit to represent 50% of the full contract value is required prior to ordering

c) The balance payment of the contract is due for payment when all ordered items have arrived at our premises. This amount will be taken from your debit/credit card and a member of our staff will advise you of this transaction. Once this has taken place collection or delivery/.installation dates can be arranged.

d) Cheques, unfortunately, are no longer an acceptable method of payment however if payment is to be made by cash, the full contract balance must be paid a minimum of 48 hours prior to any confirmed delivery/collection/installation dates.

e) PLEASE NOTE! Any installation/collection/delivery dates that are given are only provisional and can only be confirmed when contract balance has been paid in full.

IMPORTANT We are legally unable to remove any rubbish or rubble from your property. A license is required and without one the penalties are severe. You will be required to provide an area for us to deposit rubbish or a small skip nearby. We use D.P.P. Skip Hire. Telephone 01492 547900. “We can organise for you if you so wish”.

Note! All figures quoted for installation contracts include the deduction of your home visit fee.